You want to make money doing what you love...

but you don't really know where to start or if it's even possible!

I hear you.

Many years ago, I was there too...

After a lot of research & years of practice I discovered

There are some easy and repeatable steps one needs to follow to create a business that will allow you to pursue your passion as well as make a living.

Does any of this resonate with you?

  • You are working a dead-end job that is sucking away your life force.

  • Your kids have grown up and you are seeking new purpose to your life.

  • You know you have skills and gifts to contribute but aren't sure how to get started.

  • you have a lot of ideas but no plan to create a business that's sustainable.

You would like to...

  • Use your unique skills and talents to make a living and a difference.

  • Create a real business that produces real income without sucking up your whole life.

  • Reclaim your uniqueness and embrace the real you in your life.


ignite passion to profit

After raising my 5 children and moving to town from my homestead, I found myself trying to get my footing in a new life. Really trying to get to know myself after 40 years of being a wife, mom, farmer, salesperson, and working online since the internet was invented (by Al Gore I think I heard at one time - okay, so that last part was totally tongue in cheek)

It felt like I should be doing something significant - contributing to the world in a much larger way...

So, I went on a journey of self-discovery. I interviewed hundreds of coaches on my podcast (The You World Order Showcase Podcast), I wrote a book, and I created this course to help others discover themselves. But not just to discover themselves, but to take that information and craft a viable way to earn a living from it. A living doing what they love and felt passionate about.

What's included in the course?

It is divided into 5 modules...

  • THE CANDLE - In this module we take a look at who you are, who you were born to be.

  • LIGHTING THE CANDLE - This module is dedicated to discovering how to shape your passion into a profitable business.

  • ILLUMINATING THE PATH - Here we shape the vision you want for your life and business.

  • SEEING THE LIGHT- Next you will actually create the business.

  • TRIMMING THE CANDLE - In this module you will discover strategies to overcome the bumps in the road that invariable arise and how to make your business viable long term.


What others have to say..

Aleta had to turn down work because she is so busy

Right from the start, I could see Jill's expertise in identifying the steps to building a successful business.

She truly understands the unique challenges faced by women wanting to be successful online and offers practical solutions that deliver outstanding results.

Jill was a homeschooling mum of 5 children, living on a homestead and solo parenting a lot of the time, yet she still managed to educate herself and run a successful business online at the same time!

Feeling overwhelmed and incredibly busy is something so many of us can relate to, and Jill really understands this.

I believe Jill's superpower is her amazing talent for helping her clients discover the exact next steps they need to take in order to achieve their chosen goals.

Kim's dream came true

A few months ago, I had a call with my friend Jill Prest Hart. She's kind of a guru when it comes to figuring out all things related to business and passion.

I wasn't sure what the call would be about except to help me establish my priorities for my life and business.

This was, of course, very early into my days of Mighty Lil' Microgreens and I didn't have much of a goal at all for the business. I was just getting my feet wet and enjoying the new journey.

But after we got past the usual pleasantries, I was surprised when she asked me to imagine my future goals and tell her what they looked like and what they sounded like.

Sounded like? How does a goal have a sound?? But she made me dig deep and think about it. To close my eyes and really imagine what success was for me. It moved me past the cliche of "being financially stable" and "having more free time".

So, we talked about the farm and the ocean and my kids playing and how I was missing that when I had to leave the house to work.

My future goals sounded like kids laughing at the beach when they jumped the waves or the sound of sheep happily munching away. They sounded like me working in the grow room with a podcast playing while I had some "me time" and improved my mindset.

So yesterday, I woke to a beautiful sunrise, we went to the market and had a very successful day there selling my micro greens. We then decided to skip out to the beach where my kids had "the best time ever" and we came home to evening chores back on our beautiful farm. A farm that I have wanted ever since I was a kid.

THIS... is what my future goals sounded like. 💞And I'm so thankful to Jill for asking me those questions and stretching me to manifest these things to begin happening!

I had to share this today because she is now offering her coaching program to people just like me and I wanted to give her credit for helping me - AND - give my friends who could benefit from her wisdom the opportunity to do so. Check her out and see if y'all are a good fit! You won't regret it. 🙂

If we haven't met...

I'm jill hart

the coach's alchemist & host of

the you world order showcase podcast

My life passion is helping others be successful and happy. What started out as a desire to be the change I wanted to see in the world has become a mission to help entrepreneurs & coaches trying to make a difference and a living, find more clients, cash and create a scale able business.

Turning their passion into profit and living their most authentic, soul-satisfying life.

It IS Possible to earn a living pursuing your passion!

I hear want to make some money, but you have no time, no idea where to start, hate the idea of sales, suck at technology and did I mention, no time? Imagine what it will be like to get up every day and know exactly what you need to do in a few minutes at a time to create a real business where you help people rather than sell to them?